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Approved Selection

The best refurbished gets

Our vision was to create a brand that challenged the opinion “new is better” and we have achieved it. With almost no visible difference from new retail items and up to a 60% cost saving, it is the sensible choice for any company and user. After all, a product is only new until it’s out of the box. Find out about Approved Selection and what it has to offer for you and your company.

Be smart.

Be responsible.

Save money.


Why Approved Selection’s Refurb is better than new

Only the best refurbished hardware gets the Approved Selection brand. We offer products of different A-brands like HP, Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo and we are expanding our product range every day.

Save Money

Our products will only feature the minimal wear and tear that is associated with a used product. Casing might have small scratches and scuffs, but no dents or cracks, technically 100% functional and up to 60% cost saving, it is the sensible choice for any company and user.

Be Smart

You already buy used cars, bikes or a house, be smart and buy Approved Selection. Approved Selection is specially selected used hardware that meets our high quality standards.

Be Responsible

By buying Approved Selection you will reduce your ecological footprint. For every refurbished device, a new one does not have to be manufactured.

We make this promise with all Approved Selection certified products.

All Approved Selection certified products must pass a strict 18 point quality test. This means that they are subjected to functional tests that are comparable to new products. A revised product with an Approved Selection condition is a reliable choice, while you contribute to a circular economy and pay up to 60% less.

This is what you get

You will receive a product that has been thoroughly cleaned, inspected and if necessary, equipped with original new or previously used parts. We label this product  as A+ units that will only feature the minimal wear and tear that is associated with a used product. Refurbished products are supplied with associated accessories and cables are included. All products certified by Approved Selection are packaged in a new Approved Selection box.

Approved Selection quality guaranteed

That this is not an empty quality promise is evident from the fact that every Approved Selection Certified Refurbished product comes with our usual one-year pick up and return warranty.


Download Product Condition Guide

Approved Selection’s -18 points check

Only the best refurbished hardware gets to be Approved Selection. 

We determine this standard by carefully selecting and checking the products on 18 critical points.

What you can expect

Technically 100% functional product

Casing might have small scratches and scuffs, but no dents or cracks.

What you can not expect

Scratches, dents or dead pixels in display

Deep scratches or dents in the body

Broken-off parts

18 validations for AS condition

Cleaned inside

Cleaned outside

All hard disk data wiped

Asset tags removed

BIOS tags removed

BIOS battery checked

Feet checked/replaced

Covers checked/replaced

Cosmetic check

Power (I/O) check

Correct specifications

Working optical drive

Working hard disk

Software installed


Laptop battery checked

Display checked for damage

Carefully boxed

Our Approved Selection Products

Refurbished Macbook

Refurbished iPad Approved Selection

Refurbished iPad

Refurbished iPhone

Lenovo Refurbished

Dell Refurbished

HPE Refurbished

If indicated, our Approved Selection computers are pre-installed with genuine Microsoft Windows. This licence also functions as a basic to expand to your needs. On top of that, we can provide you with free virus protection software.

Our ways of making you more responsible

No two used products are the same. This is why we have Approved Selection standards that tell you what you should and what you shouldn’t expect in terms of visual condition. What we can assure you off, is that we put great effort in selecting the products based on appearance and cosmetic damage At least you can be sure that the Approved Selection hardware you buy, will fit in a certain range of visible usage marks. Remember: every Approved Selection product has been tested on the same 18 points (depending on the kind of hardware) and is always fully functional.


We make sure to use as little new materials as possible. By repairing and cleaning as many devices as we can, we make sure they can be reused. The packaging is simple but effective by keeping it as minimalistic as we can. The paint used for the logo on the box for instance, is reduced to one colour and the product protection in the box is simple, but smart. The protective foam that’s being used is far more environmental friendly than plastic, and our boxes are made of recycled cardboard. Our entire process is in house. This means we can process orders quickly whilst creating employment in over 10 European countries at the same time.


We buy most of the Approved Selection hardware right at the source: the user. Companies that have purchased new hardware can easily choose to trade-in their, now used, hardware and get money, or a discount on purchasing replacement equipment. We refurbish this hardware so it can be used again by someone else. In this process, we completely check each and every device and repair or replace dysfunctional and broken parts. Working parts from a device that’s not working properly are used in other machines. This way, we reduce a lot of electronic waste and give as much hardware as possible a second life.


We put great effort in reducing the production of new IT-hardware. The more people buy used hardware, the less new hardware needs to be manufactured. New isn’t always better: we’re convinced of this. After depreciation, used hardware often is just as functional as new hardware. By using refurbished hardware, you are making use of the hardware’s full potential. Because of our unique warranty of up to 5 years, you are able to use this hardware for a longer amount of time as well. In the end, Approved Selection hardware contributes to your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility goals as well.

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Europe’s largest circular distributor

Your hardware is worth more than you think

Do you or your customer have old hardware that you would like to get rid of?

We have the expertise, experience and resources to arrange that in a perfect and safe way

 In most cases, your old hardware even still has value. These are the three reasons why you should call in Approved Selection.

1. ValueScan

We will carry out a no-obligation ValueScan as soon as possible based on your wishes, requirements and hardware. Email trade-in@approvedselection.com and our buy-back-team will get to work. Once they have assessed your hardware, they will be able to tell you straight away what you can expect to receive.

2. Worry-free disposal

We ensure that the hardware is collected at a location of choice at a convenient time. From simply collecting the hardware to dismantling it. Just let us know your requirements and we will arrange the rest.

3. Certified data removal

Data on the old hardware should, of course, never fall into anyone else’s hands. We specialise in the removal of all data, and use Blancco for this process. Blancco is recognised software that re-writes the hard disk from A to Z. We provide you with a 100% guarantee that the data can no longer be retrieved, in the form of a certificate. We also delete all operating characteristics, including the data as well as the stickers, tags and labels. If required, we will also carry out this work at your premises.

Do you have old hardware for us?