The best refurbished gets.

Our vision was to create a brand that challenged the opinion “new is better” and we have achieved it. With almost no visible difference from new retail items and up to a 60% cost saving, it is the sensible choice for any company and user. After all, a product is only new until it’s out of the box. Find out about Approved Selection and what it has to offer for you and your company.

Why new isn't better.

You might buy a used house, car, bike or phone so why not IT hardware? What if we told you that Approved Selection is actually better than new?
Approved Selection is specially selected used hardware that meets our high quality standards. The hardware is checked on 18 points by our team of refurbishing experts. It is almost free from cosmetic damage, fully cleaned from the inside out, Blancco certified data wiped, tested and carefully boxed.
Because Approved Selection hardware is being given a second life, buying it reduces the Carbon Footprint while saving you a lot of money.

  • Approved Selection saved me €100000 a year on IT costs.
    M. Brink
  • Watch out for Copy-Cats, for there's only one real Approved Selection.
    A. Johanson
  • Approved Selection allows me to save 20% of my budget, which I can spend on extra equipment.
    R. Visser
  • We care a lot about the environment. Approved Selection provides us with top quality products in a responsible way.
    S. Paddington

It's just the best refurbished gets.

  • ✔ Extensive 18 point quality check
  • ✔ Recent hardware models available
  • ✔ Fully customisable to your needs
  • ✔ Genuine operating system (Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher)
  • ✔ Warranty extendable up to 5 years
  • ✔ Saves you up to 60% on costs
  • ✔ Reduces your carbon footprint
  • ✔ Over 20 years of refurbishing experience
  • ✔ Contributes to your Corporate Social Responsibility

All of our Approved Selection computers are pre-installed with genuine Microsoft Windows. This licence also functions as a basic to expand to your needs. On top of that, we can provide you with free virusprotection software.

More about MAR.

How we create Approved Selection.

Only the best hardware gets to be Approved Selection. We determine this standard by carefully selecting and checking the products on 18 critical points. This process always starts with the physical condition, because only the hardware with zero to very little cosmetic damage is processed as Approved Selection.

From here on out, all posible dirt, tags and data get professionally removed. Covers and feet are replaced or repainted where necessary. The functionality is fully checked and broken or missing parts are replaced by new ones.

Once this is done, the machine is carefully packed in an Approved Selection box which can withstand a drop of up to 2.5 metres without the content being damaged. This is how we guarantee our quality.

When choosing Approved Selection, you will help reduce the carbon footprint. For every refurbished machine, a new one doesn't have to be manufactured.

Be more responsible.

The Approved Selection Family

Approved Selection comes in three variants: Approved Selection ONE, Approved Selection and Approved Selection Budget. All of them are the markets best quality refurbished hardware in their range, fully checked on the above 18 points, but with a a few slight differences. Compare them yourself:


Approved Selection is available for purchase at various suppliers.

Where to buy Approved Selection.

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