Your hardware is worth more than you think.

Do you or your customer have old hardware that you would like to get rid of? At Approved Selection, we have the expertise, experience and resources to arrange that in a perfect and safe way. In most cases, your old hardware even still has value. These are the five reasons why you should call in Approved Selection.



We will carry out a no-obligation ValueScan as soon as possible based on your wishes, requirements and hardware. Email and our buy-back-team will get to work. Once they have assessed your hardware, they will be able to tell you straight away what you can expect to receive.


Your old hardware may be worth more than you think. Request a ValueScan and then you will know for certain. Increased margin. This is what makes Approved Selection unique.


Worry-free disposal.

We ensure that the hardware is collected at a location of choice at a convenient time. From simply collecting the hardware to dismantling it. Just let us know your requirements and we will arrange the rest.


Your old hardware doesn’t just end up on the streets or in the garbage - it's safely transported and stored.


Certified data removal.

Data on the old hardware should, of course, never fall into anyone else’s hands. We specialise in the removal of all data, and use Blancco for this process. Blancco is recognised software that re-writes the hard disk from A to Z. We provide you with a 100% guarantee that the data can no longer be retrieved, in the form of a certificate. We also delete all operating characteristics, including the data as well as the stickers, tags and labels. If required, we will also carry out this work at your premises.


Your data is permanently removed and it is impossible for anyone to trace the identity of the equipment’s (previous) user.



Whatever we do to your old equipment at Approved Selection, you can always be sure that it is a socially responsible and environmentally friendly solution. If the old hardware is no longer usable, we will arrange for it to be disposed of in accordance with current legislation and regulations. We are always on the lookout for opportunities for recycling, in order to reduce the waste flow as far as possible. This means that the equipment can be refurbished to start its second life or usable parts can be reused.


By having Approved Selection dispose of your old hardware, you are acting in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.


Old becomes new.

If your old hardware is still in good condition, we will ensure that customers who are looking for a smarter, more responsible and less expensive alternative, benefit from it. Think about schools, foundations, good causes, but also more and more companies who see the greater value in the purchase of recycled hardware. Of course, not all refurbished computers will become Approved Selection, but also 'regular' refurbished computers are great for the smallest of budgets. Whatever the decision, we always remove all data, replace faulty parts and completely refurbish the hardware inside and out, ready for it's second life.


Your old equipment is recycled or reused as Approved Selection or 'regular' refurbished hardware This means you are playing a part in doing things in a more sustainable way.

Do you have old hardware for us?

Are you ready and willing to help us in our cause to help people find more affordable alternatives, reduce waste and make yourself some money at the same time? If you have hardware to trade-in, or know someone who does, just send an e-mail to if you would like to be contacted by us. We will find the best solution for you, no strings attached.

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